This page aims to specify the needs of a fablab in relation to measurement devices as well as collect the data needed for building such devices for FAB 2.0. First device to look into is multimeter. The roadmap for developing measurement devices to override commercial multimeters is set to three phaces. First and most relevant need is to be able to built a continuity tester as easily as possible using just Fab Inventory. Second phase is to add resistance meter. At the end of the page are links to existing work. If you have contributed on measurement devices, please start an issue for this repo or contact Fab Lab Oulu and we will add your work into collection.


Here are links to continuity testers and such simple and limited devices.

Continuity tester by Sol Bekic 27.4.2020.

Here are links to Fabbable multimeters.

Voltage, resistance and shortcircuits by Mikko Toivonen.
Modular multimeter by Iván Sánchez.

Here are links to Fabbable oscilloscopes.

Measure voltages between 0 and 5 volts and plot on computer screen with FabScope by Bas Withagen.
Measure voltages between 0 and 50 volts and plot on graphical display with FabScope by Daniele Ingressia.